Santana a charming town in the northeast of Madeira famous for its unique colourful triangular typical houses built of stone covered with a roof of straw thatch. Originating from the 16th century, nowadays most of them are kept as a tourist attraction.
The Madeira Theme Park in Santana has a fantastic exhibition for all ages to learn the history, traditions and cultures of Madeira where one may enjoy its attractions and shows.

48 hours of dancing! One of the largest traditional folklore Festivals is held here every year in July where many folklore groups are invited to participate, not only from Madeira but also from other regions or countries.

Santana is a great place from which to explorer some of the best Levada walks Laurisilva forests to Queimadas, Pico das Pedras and for the truly fit, Madeira’s highest point Pico Ruivo, at 1861 m for some spectacular views.

Along the main road is Quinta do Furão (manor house) surrounded by vineyards situated on cliff top with sensational views of the ocean and coastline. Run by a Maderian wine company, every year around the first or second week of September you may be able to experience the old tradition of wine making.
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