Cabo Girão

Cabo Girão famous for its sea cliff; the second highest in the world at 580 metres. It’s a popular lookout point with spectacular panoramic views. Here you can find the Chapel of Our Lady of Fátima, built in 1931 it’s one of the most important pilgrim places on the island.

At the cliff’s foot, amazing as it seems you can see a small area of cultivated land called Fajãs do Cabo Girão. Previously only accessible by boat, in Aug 2003 a cable car was installed for easier access by farmers. For adrenaline addicts this is a popular spot for para-gliding and BASE-jumping, a recent jump was made by Mário Pardo with a motorbike from Cabo Girão.

In 2012, the area was redeveloped with parking spaces, shops, cafes and right on the lookout point, a glass-bottomed platform was built. At the bottom of the cliff you can see the water below and some cultivated land, known as “Fajãs do Cabo Girão”, accessible by sea or cable car.

Cabo Girão was rated, in September 2014, by travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler, as the fifth “Most Incredible Sea Cliffs In The World”.

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