Fajã dos Padres

Fajã dos Padres in southern coast of Madeira Island; a unique and charming area of land situated at the bottom of a cliff by a giant barrier to the north created by a great rock-fall that tumbles down from time to time. Settled since the 15th century, priests were believed to be the first to occupy this land. They established its agricultural exploration and the introduction of Malmsey wine, one of the best in Madeira and renowned worldwide.

Besides this, its microclimate (due in no small part to its sheltered position) makes it an excellent place for growing tropical fruits and exotic orchards, some of which are rare and cannot grow in other parts of the Island.

A chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Conceição was built in this area and destroyed by pirates in 1626, but foundations of the chapel still remain. Due to its isolation some 250 metres below the cliff, a maximum of 50 people once lived on this land and only about 10 houses were built. Now privately owned, this tourist destination can only be reached by sea or panoramic elevator; an experience that one can only imagine.

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