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www.madeira-live.com is a complete tourist guide to Madeira in 12 languages, which has been produced following very thorough research. It aims to promote the archipelago of Madeira to the rest of the world, from a tourist, cultural and even commercial point of view.
Our guides are internationally recognised for the quality of the information and are frequently requested as a source of data.
An example of that success is that www.madeira-live.com has been promoting Madeira throughout the world for 16 years, gaining success and recognition.
New destinations are always being included and our excellent commercial and negotiating experience enables us to offer the most competitive prices, always aiming to satisfy the most discerning tourist.

Welcome to Madeira, a magical land which is waiting to give you a warm and surprising reception.


Madeira-live publisher Michael Heavey with Sian Lesley at the Madeira Wine Festival


Madeira-live publisher, Michael Heavey with Sian Lesley at the Madeira wine festival.
Mike Heavey founded www.madeira-live.com in 1999 and with its sister site www.madeira-web.com in 1997, are now Madeira Islands largest online international promoter. Madeira-live is published in 12 languages and with its sister site has approximately 30,000 individual visits a day.

For more information contact:
Email: feedback@madeira-live.com

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