Calheta is located on the southwest coastline, one of Madeira's hottest tourist spots with a beautiful little marina and two man-made golden sandy beaches. It’s considered a favorite place, not only by the locals but also by those who visit it. Founded in 1430 Calheta has a large selection of historical churches and it was one of the first places to be explored by the early colonisers.

Centro das Artes Casa das Mudas is a new art centre located at the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea and was built to host superb art exhibitions, musical performances and many other events.

Calheta is also famous for producing the best white Rum 'Aguardente' a special ingredient of the typical Madeiran drink 'Poncha'. If you are interested in knowing how the white rum is made, we recommend a tour of “Engenho da Calheta“ the rum distillery where you can wander around and sample the produce.
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