Camacha is one of the most rural and picturesque villages in Madeira. It is very well known world wide for its wicker basket industry and colourful folklore traditions.

Achada da Camacha is the location where football was played for the first time in Portugal in 1875, in fact in 1815 a young student Harry Hinton from Britain residing in Madeira was the first person to introduce a “Foot-Ball” and its rules to his fellow friends.

Through the paths and levada walks one can enjoy the landscape and learn and feel the interesting set of cultural and natural aspects that have fashioned Camacha. Towards the north there are places in which the nature predominates in its pure state, like Poiso and the Montado do Pereiro, where the full panoply and diversity of Madeira’s native exotic inheritance of rare flora and fauna may be appreciated at its finest.
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