Porto da Cruz

Porto da Cruz ‘Port of the Cross’ a charming village located on the northeast coast of the island. Named after the cross that was placed on the shore to indicate the port for the Portuguese explorers. One of the many agricultural products here was sugar cane and today the processing factory is still in full operation mainly producing rum and honey molasses as it has since 1927. Besides sugar cane it also produces a dry red wine known as ‘vinho seco’. This has become very popular and every year a grape festival is hosted in the town.

This place is also famous for surfing; great for swimming and nature walks enjoy the many paths available through out the beautiful landscapes of Porto da Cruz. Furthermore, between Porto da Cruz and Faial there is a place called Penha D'Aguia ‘Eagle's Rock’ a unique rock formation that rises to an altitude of 580 metres, accessible through a steep pathway offering fascinating panoramic views over the sea and its surroundings.
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