Flower Festival 2010
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Theme: Planet Earth

Madeira Flower Festival – theme (PLANET EARTH) 2010

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#2 Tony and Diane 2010-08-21 20:46
Just watched the video - this brings back memories of over two hours of joy - such a colourful procession of Madeira's dancers and children - where do they get all those Orchids?
This is just a brief record - there was so much more over the three days - well worth a future visit
#1 Jo and Mike 2010-08-01 09:43
Hi ,
We were due to fly home on the 16th April 2110 but because of the Volcanic Ash Cloud we were here for another 6 days, which meant we were able to see the wonderful Flower Festival it was superb, we have never seen anything like it before, the costumes, flowers, and the music were just outstanding. Verdict SUPERB !!!

Flower Decor

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