Whales & Dolphins in Madeira

Swimming with the dolphins is another great attraction Madeira has to offer.
Frequent visits of species of sea mammals such as whales and dolphins are observed in Madeira waters throughout the year.
 The wild schools of playing dolphins are exciting and memorable, take the opportunity and swim with them, guests are accompanied by experienced biologists, enjoy the incredible experience.

These are a few of several species of dolphins and whales that can be observed in Madeira’s surrounding waters.


Bryde's Whale, Sperm whale Short-finned Pilot whale, Blue whale, Northern Minke whale, Humpback whale, False Killer whale, Killer whale, North Atlantic Right whale etc…


Atlantic Spotted dolphin, Common Bottlenose dolphin, Risso's dolphin, Short-beaked Common, Striped dolphin, Rough Toothed dolphin
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