Surf & SUP in Madeira

Surfing, body boarding and SUP in Madeira are recognised by surf lovers and professionals around the world due to the excellent surfing conditions, and subtropical climate throughout the year.

Madeira Island is surrounded by great surfing hotspots, special locations and challenging waves reaching eight metres high, suitable for the more experienced surfers who have a great deal of skills to ride these waves safely.

International competitions have been held on the Island and also the ISA World Surfing Championships was hosted here. There are many surfing spots all around the Island; Paul do Mar is one of the best offering big waves and lots of space.

According to local surfers, besides Paul do Mar which offers the best barring (tubular tunnel) waves, there are other surf locations such as Ponta Pequena, a beach located between Jardim do Mar and Paul do Mar which offers perfect right-hander waves. Lugar de Baixo in Ponta do Sol is cool if you are in search of fast hollow waves and on the north coast by São Vicente is a calmer spot suitable for beginners to intermediate surfers, with its own surf club. Porto da Cruz is the safest surfing spot qualified as standard.

Recent news in our local newspaper (Diário de Notícias) Porto da Cruz is considered and guaranteed by the surf Club of Madeira to be the safest spot to learn to surf and bodyboard.

Clube Naval de São Vicente and Surf Clube Madeira are some of the clubs provinding organized courses and spectacular events. Feel the adrenaline!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is the latest water sport to hit the splendid shores of Madeira Island. Originating in the Hawaiian Islands in the 1960s, this unique sport combines surfing techniques with outrigger paddles to provide an excellent core workout. Lessons for beginners, equipment rental and fantastic sea excursions are possible through the mobile Madeira SUP School, which also organises classes and excursions for corporate travellers and small groups.

Click on the map to see a few surfing spots
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