Madeira January Events

Have you overindulged your self during your Christmas holidays? Here’s a great way to kick-start your New Year's resolution, get in shape and enjoy the exciting events happening this month.

Madeira Plunge – Lido Pool Complex – 1st January at Noon

Cantar os Reis ‘Singing of the Kings’  5th

“Cantar os Reis or cantar as Janeiras” (Singing of the Kings) are traditional songs sung in January. This old Madeiran tradition is celebrated every year 5th to 6th January all over the Island, where family, neighbours and friends of all ages come out and sing door to door. Enjoy the last few days of the Christmas lights, music shows in the streets of Funchal and great traditional concerts performed at the Funchal’s Municipal Garden Auditorium.

“Santo Amaro” Festival – Santa Cruz – 15th
Christmas in Madeira continues until January 15 when ‘Santo Amaro’ is commemorated throughout the island. This religious holiday marks the end of the Christmas season, when families gather to share the final meal of the festive season, take down decorations and lapinhas (nativity scenes) and ‘sweep the larder clean’. The municipality of Santa Cruz honours its patron saint on the eve of Santo Amaro with a candle-lit procession to the Igreja Matriz. The streets are full of beautiful decorations, plenty of stalls, music and food.

Madeira Orienteering Meeting (MOM)
Madeira Orienteering Meeting (MOM) is a 3-day race trial competition in the mountains and a sprint course in the city of Funchal. This event is part of the Foot Orienteering calendar in Portugal and is organised by the Clube Aventura da Madeira, witch takes place every year in January. During the tree days anyone can take part and enjoy the scenery, meet new people and explore nature. This event is open to the public and can be done individually or in groups. Entries can be made in Clube Aventura da Madeira.

'Panelo' Festival - Chão da Ribeira do Seixal
Festa do Panelo is one of the oldest local traditions in Seixal, Madeira, held on the last Sunday of January in the municipality of Porto Moniz. Families and friends meet to prepare a communal lunch in the countryside around Chão da Ribeira, cooked in a huge panelo (pot) over a wood fire. This hearty meal is very similar to cozido à portuguesa (Portuguese stew) containing meat, sausages and sweet potato, traditionally served in cabbage leaves. Festivities include entertainment and stalls selling food and drinks.

Funchal Marathon 23rd 2022
Funchal Marathon (42.195,00 metres), Half Marathon (21.097,50 metres) and the Mini marathon (5.900 metres), by Madeira Athletics Association (AARAM).

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