Watch Madeira’s Fireworks from the sea

Madeira Island is renowned for its natural beauty, robust Madeira wine and its dazzling fireworks displays.

The most impressive fireworks on Madeira are during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, which hold the Guinness World Record for the largest fireworks display. The popular Atlantic Festival also hosts a spectacular fireworks competition set to music every Saturday night in June.

These awesome displays are even more dazzling when seen from the sea. Simply charter a boat and celebrate onboard with your family and friends. Once the sun goes down, the skies above Funchal Bay are set alight with a mesmerising display of pyrotechnics.

A number of boats are available for hire, from the charming wooden caravel ‘Bonita da Madeira’ to the ‘Lobo Marinho’, a passenger ship with bars and restaurants. Feel the wind in your hair from the ‘Sea Born Catamaran’ or get onboard the ‘Santa Maria de Colombo’, an impressive replica of Christopher Columbus’ flagship, also known as Madeira’s Pirate Boat.

Boats offering trips:
Bonita da Madeira

Lobo Marinho (Porto Santo Line) 

Madeira Wind Birds
Sea Born Catamaran
Santa Maria de Colombo

Video of the New Year’s fireworks show

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