Madeira Religious Festivals

Madeira’s all year round Regional Festivities “Arraiais”.

While visiting Madeira, make sure you check out our complete list of the Religious Festivities known as “Arraiais” and celebrate with us the many traditional festivals happening all around the Island.

Blend in with the friendly locals, join the party; try out the famous Madeiran “Espetada” meat on a stick and the Madeiran traditional bread “bolo do caco” and local wine.
Holding the most impressive festivities, many of the churches still keep its tradition, street processions, flower carpets, churches and street decorations with lights, colourful flags followed by a celebration of traditional folklore, food and drink specialties.

There are two most important religious festivals in Madeira, Lady of Monte (Senhora do Monte) and the Good Lord Jesus (Senhor Bom Jesus) in Ponta Delgada bringing thousands of people from all over the world.

Experience the best of Madeira’s culture and click on the Calendar for a detailed list of more Religious Festivals happening all over the Island.

Flower Decor

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