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Madeira Island, aside from all its history, natural beauty and subtropical climate this beautiful Island is also known for its well maintained tropical gardens and parks offering a wide variety of plants and exotic flowers from all around the world.

Many of these gardens are surrounded by well preserved historical manor houses and parks, walk along these gardens and admire its beauty and enjoy the wonderful scents.

Madeira Botanical Gardens the most famous tourist attraction is at Quinta do Bom Sucesso on a hillside providing wonderful views of the city of Funchal. This Manor house was built in 1881 by the Reid’s Family who created these gardens as their own private park. Today they are owned by the Government and open to the public. Covering an area of 80,000 square metres the gardens are replete with the most amazing collection of plant species, exotic Flowers, tropical birds plus an area of research and conservation. In addition this garden also has a Natural History Museum and Cable Car ride connecting to Monte, another tourist attraction.

Madeira Monte Palace Tropical Gardens situated on the beautiful hilltop of Monte surrounded by stunning views over Funchal’s bay.  Monte, an 18th century historical palace once a luxury hotel is now transformed into a charming garden and museum belonging to the Bernardo Foundation. Here one may find a great variety of exotic flowers and plants from all many different continents and also a variety of wildlife such as ducks, white and black swans, peacocks, chickens and Koi carp. Enjoy a pleasurable walk and admire the surroundings; an unforgettable experience.

Madeira Parque Municipal do Monte the most popular and visited place located in the hilltop village of Monte overlooking the beautiful bay of Funchal. This romantic and very well maintained garden offers wonderful views a variety of flowers, plants and ancient trees and is the ideal place to go for a calm walk and admire nature’s beauty.

Madeira Quinta Jardins do Imperador a historical manor house located in the hilltop of Monte built in the 18th century by James Gordon who also created a garden and a Malakoff tower known as Quinta do Monte. In 1899 this property was bought by banker Rocha Machado, who in 1921 offered temporary residence to Emperor Charles I of Austria and his family. Today this property belongs to the government and has been named after Emperor Charles I. Quinta Jardins do Imperador has a café within the fabulous architecture of the Malakoff tower and is surrounded by beautiful trees and a colorful rose garden, all in a remarkable romantic landscape overlooking Funchal.

Madeira Quinta Palmeira is the most beautiful Estate and garden located in Santa Lúzia Funchal, offering a variety of exotic flowers, old trees and different species of Flora native to Madeira. This wonderful garden belongs to Henrique Jaime Welsh a descendent of Harry Hinton who was the original owner of Quinta da Palmeira.

Madeira Jardim de Santa Luzia public gardens are set in the city of Funchal. With an area of 17.000 m2, this was once the location of the Hinton factory (the sugar Industry of Madeira); today only the old chimney remains. This park was transformed into five beautiful gardens filled with green space, tropical plants and Laurissilva. There is also a children’s playground and a café.

Madeira Quinta das Cruzes located in the centre of Funchal is a historical Manor House once the formal residence of João Gonçalves Zarco. It is now a museum containing a vast collection of decorative art and antiques from the 17th and 18th century. Quinta das Cruzes is surrounded by beautiful gardens offering a variety of exotic flowers, trees and other species of flora.

Madeira Jardim Municipal, also known as the Donna Amélia Garden is located in the centre of Funchal. It’s a lovely garden offering a variety of beautiful flowers and ancient trees native to Madeira as well many from all around the world (many being labeled with its name and origin). Many events are hosted here during Christmas and through out the year, such as book fairs, art exhibitions and concerts.

jardim_almirante_reis Jardim do Almirante Reis is an interesting public garden located in the historical area of Santa Maria Maior in “zona velha” the old part of town and near the cable car. This garden presents a new concept constituted by wave shape platforms, accompanied by some previously planted trees and cut by walkways in wood or stone giving it an illusion of the deep valleys of the Island. One of the great charms of this area is the existence of the cable car that establishes the connection between Funchal and Monte.

Madeira Parque de Santa Catarina is a well-known and popular park located in the city of Funchal. It is a pleasant park offering great views over Funchal’s harbour, surrounded by wonderful trees a variety of flowers. There is also a children’s playground, a snack bar and a charming chapel named after Saint Catherine. This small chapel was first built in 1425 out of wood, then later during the 17th century it was rebuilt with stone. Santa Catarina Chapel was named by Dona Constança, the wife of Goancalves Zarco who also ordered its construction.

Madeira Quinta Vigia is a historical place that has over the years been the home of many important celebrities; today (since 1984) it is the official residence of the President of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. This manor house is located in the city of Funchal with wonderful views overlooking the harbour and bay, surrounded by beautiful gardens offering a great variety of flora, enormous trees and exotic birds.

Madeira Jardim do Hospício Princesa D. Maria Amélia is a public garden in the centre of Funchal situated near the Santa Catarina Park. Here you may find a sense of peace and tranquillity, beautiful samples of native types of flora a good collection of trees and splendid colourful vegetation. Apart from this wonderful garden, there is also a private children’s school and a home for the elderly. This was formerly a hospital for Tuberculosis patients, established in 1859 by the Empress Lady Amélia Augusta Eugênia of Leuchtenburg in memory of her daughter, the Princess D. Maria Amélia, who died of Tuberculosis in 1853 at age 22 in Madeira Island.

Madeira Quinta Magnólia a wonderful park and garden located near Funchal, a great place to relax and admire a great variety of tropical flowers, plants and old trees. This Garden also offers many sport facilities and during the summer hosts the Funchal Jazz Festival.

Madeira Jardim Público da Ajuda, a garden located in main tourist area with lots of green spaces, a children’s playground and a variety of plants and flowers native to Madeira. One of the most emblematic areas is the garden’s 6 species of Dragon trees “Dragoeiro” and the pre-existence of banana plantations in full production. Here visitors may also enjoy a classic game of “Petanca” lawn bowls with two practice fields.

Madeira Jardim Panorâmico of Funchal, is a public garden located on the main tourist area of Monumental Street and promenade with lovely views over the sea. This pleasant garden has of variety of plants and flowers from all over the Island, adjoined by panels of ceramic tiles created by Rigo the plastic artist, which represents the panoramic views that can be appreciated from this place.

Madeira The Magic Garden located in the Madeira Magic Theme Park by the promenade, offers a beautiful display of flowers, plants and flora from Madeira and many species from all over the world. Here visitors get a chance to see and identify several native plants of Madeira, from exotic to endemic species, including representatives of the Laurissilva ancient forest.
Besides this wonderful themed garden, there is Madeira magic, with a Science Centre, a planetarium, interactive modules and regular fun activities. There is also a special area designed for children’s birthday parties, a grill restaurant and a premier health club with flexible programs for everyone. For a nice afternoon tea, visit the garden teahouse with access both from the garden and promenade.

Madeira Miradouro do Pico dos Barcelos is a great lookout point located north of Funchal. Famously known for its fantastic scenery, here visitors can appreciate Madeira’s beautiful valleys and mountains plus spectacular views of Funchal and the Atlantic Ocean.

Madeira Jardim do Campo da Barca is a small garden particularly beautiful in April and May, when flowers bloom, especially the purple flowers of the jacaranda and various specimens of frangipani (Plumeria alba e Plumeria rubra) trees. The most characteristic plant of this garden is the dragon tree, “Dracaena draco” with an enormous round top, which dominates the south extremity. Also a famous place where men get-together and play their usual games of cards or checkers.

Madeira Jardim do Miradouro Vila Guida is a small public garden and lookout point located in Rua Conde Carvalhal. This area garden was constructed in 1938 and restored in 2007 offering great views over Funchal’s bay. It boasts a set of far-reaching trees that can be seen from Funchal marina.

Madeira Dragon Trees Nucleus is a park located east of Funchal in São Gonçalo and is dedicated to the Dragon Tree, a Macaronesian species, which is at risk of extinction. These trees take many years to mature and grow very slowly, some trees in the park are believed to be a few hundred years old; a unique attraction.

Madeira Quinta da Boa Vista Gardens is known for its many fine varieties of orchids and its 20-year-old orchid exhibition. Since the 1960s Quinta da Boa Vista belonged to the family of Cecil Garton and is now run by his widow Betty the daughter of Sir William Cooke, a very well known orchid breeder. Today this Family run garden is dedicated to the preservation of many species of plants and Flowers, some which are close to extinction. Quinta da Boa Vista is proud to present not just the best orchid collection but rare exotic plants from all around the world. The high season for orchids is May to December

Madeira The Orchid Garden is a very attractive Family run garden dedicated to plants and nature lovers offering more than 50,000 species of tropical plants all year round. Take your time and enjoy this one-of-a-kind orchid Garden.

Madeira Gardens of Palheiro Ferreiro also known as the Blandy's garden is located on a hill top east of Funchal offering amazing views over the city containing a rich collection of exotic flowers, plants and old trees from all around the world.

Madeira Parque Temático da Madeira is a Theme Park located in the charming village of Santana and the only one in Portugal. This Theme Park has fantastic exhibits devoted to Madeira's traditions, history, nature and science. Its principal attractions are the four pavilions of interesting multimedia shows such as the voyage of discovery of the Island, the Future of the Land, the fantastic ride of a honeymoon couple in Madeira and the 4th a show about the discovery, history and Culture of the Islands. Here visitors get a chance to see traditional crafts being practiced, enjoy a ride on a replica of the old Monte train or try some of the radical sports. There is also a children's playground, gardens, restaurants and much more.

Madeira Quinta do Arco Rose Garden has an impressive collection of Roses from all around world. This garden is located in the small attractive village of Arco de São Jorge in the north of the Island, consisting more than 1,700 unique species of roses most identified by its name and genus.

Madeira Garden of the Indigenous Plants of São Vicente located in the centre of São Vicente lies a garden representing dozens of species of flora from Madeira. Created in 1989 by the Club Ecologia Barbusano with the support of the worldwide fund for Nature, it occupies an area of 2.200 square metres and represents the valuable botanical inheritance of Madeira.

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