Agriculture in Madeira has historically been the dominant sector in the Madeira’s economy, on which most of the population depends and where just about any agricultural product may be grown due to the highly fertile land and subtropical climate. Much of the land here in Madeira was difficult to reach and work, therefore heavy agricultural machinery was useless due to the inaccessibility, size and steep angle of most its small sloping terraces, necessitating hard work by hand.

In the early colonization phase, sugar cane, cereals and vine cultivation were a major activity and a leading factor in Madeira’s economy. Madeira island still produces these products and other varieties of vegetables, tropical fruits such as mangoes, guavas, avocados, anona (custard apple), however today the Banana is the primarily plantation and exportation product. Aside from Madeira’s agriculture, the tourism, fishing, flower, wickerwork and embroidery industries also make an important contribution to Madeira’s economy.
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Flower Decor

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