Madeira September Events

Checkout the special events this month in Madeira Island and Porto Santo; get entertained and take part in the celebrations too!

Madeira Wine Festival Funchal & Estreito de Câmara de Lobos 30th August to 13th September 2020

Festival of Senhor Bom Jesus – Ponta Delgada 1-2
Ponta Delgada celebrates Festa do Senhor Bom Jesus; one of the largest pilgrimage festivities in Madeira. Impressive crowds fill the village of Ponta Delgada, many arriving on foot from all over the Island, transforming it into a lively party filled with lots of tradition, food and drink. The festival runs through the first week of September, a high season in which many emigrants visit their birthplace.

Wine Harvest Festival – Porto Santo
The wine harvest in Porto Santo takes place at the end of August, the varieties of grapes produced here grow along the south coast and are mainly for eating but a small part is used to produce Porto Santo wine, it’s taste is pleasant, sweet and powerful and can be sampled in local restaurants and bars.
The Festival includes a public wine making presentation, a chance to taste varieties of wines produced in the island, exhibitions and great entertainment.

Columbus Festival – Porto Santo Island – 17-19, 2020
Vila Baleira on Porto Santo Island celebrates Christopher Columbus day, with great festivities, exhibits, music and most importantly the great historical parade based on his life’s discoveries and a theatrical recreation of his arrival to Porto Santo.

Apple Festival (Festa do Pero) Ponta do Pargo
Festa do Pêro is a rural event, which takes place in the charming village of Ponta do Pargo, where farmers of several nearby regions get together and successfully transform the Apple harvest into a very lively party. The aromatic quality of the famous apples in this region was so great that some ancient writers have referred it to; ships on the high sea bound for Madeira were able to detect the perfume. This festival consists of a traditional street parade, exhibition, shops, cider tasting and great entertainment.

Nossa Senhora da Piedade (Festival of Our Lady of Mercy)  Caniçal
Festa da Nossa Senhora da Piedade is a festival dedicated to the fishermen.  
Caniçal is one of the oldest religious parishes in Madeira Island and here on the third weekend of September it celebrates the traditional Festival in honour of Our Lady of Mercy (protector of the fishermen). The fishermen with their colourfully decorated boats take part and sail in procession to the small chapel of the Nossa Senhora da Piedade, located on a hill top called Monte Gordo (Fat Mount) near Ponta de São Lorenço. This procession takes place on Saturday; the beautiful decorated boats depart from the port of Caniçal to the port of Quinta do Lorde, two weeks before the event a boat is raffled and chosen to transport the Saint. The boats stop at Quinta do Lorde and participants continue their procession on foot up to the chapel; the statue of Our Lady of Mercy is carried out to the boat and to the village of Caniçal for the celebration. On the next day, Sunday another procession is carried out where Our Lady of Mercy is then returned to the chapel once again by boat. The procession is accompanied by traditional hymns of the devotees and by the music of the home band. Like all other festivals in Madeira Island, there is also great entertainment; traditional Espetada (meat on a spit) and Bolo do caco.

World Tourism Day – Funchal 27th
Madeira Island, a tourist region of excellence, celebrates world Tourism Day; an annual event organized by the Board of Tourism, providing an ideal opportunity to recognize the importance of tourism to the island’s economy, social, cultural and political life. World Tourism Day is celebrated on the 27th September with various events, activities, cultural entertainment and also free admission to many Museums and Gardens.

Mostra da Sidra (Apple Cider Festival)
Santo da Serra 28-29
Santo da Serra celebrates the Apple Cider Festival; the event includes an exhibition of Apple varieties and other related products. There will be a small parade and great entertainment. Visitors also get a chance to enjoy Cider sampling, press demonstrations, music and traditional food.




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